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About CeRRpMed
CE.R.RP.MED (Study and Research Centre on Public Relations in the Mediterranean Area) is a not for profit association based in Italy. It’s main aim is to analyse the state and use of public relations in the Mediterranean area, in order to:

monitor and study the development of the profession in this vast zone
examine professional opportunities and how to further their application

Founded in 2008 by five Italian public relators, the headquarter is based in Catania (Sicily) proudly representing the centre of the Mediterranean Area. Its aim is to develop a network which can represent CeRRpMed also in other countries of the Mediterranean Area.

Mission and objectives
CeRRpMed’s mission is to analyze and study on the one hand and support on the other the dynamic relations existing among the many social, political, economic and cultural actors of the countries which belong to the Mediterranean Area.
Among the factors which stimulated CeRRpMed to set such ambitious objectives are the opening of the Free Trade Area among Mediterranean Countries foreseen for 2010, the consequent interest regarding the “Mediterranean Union” project launched by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the needs and requirements of a Euro-Mediterranean market. This new scenario is giving a great push to economic relations activities among companies, institutions, associations of the Med Area.
The present scenario unveils a new season also for public relations which are called to sustain and support this new political, economic and social developing phase.


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