research project

The Associations carries out many actions and the main ones can be synthesized with the following ones:

CeRRpMed has the aim to study, analize and point out the state of the art of Public Relations in the countries belonging to the Mediterranean area, considering its theoretic and practical general application as well as its specific flavours which depend on the socio-economic and cultural environment of each identified area.

CeRRpMed promotes the development of Public Relations in the Mediterranean context in order to trigger a better economic development of the area, through actions of common interest created and carried out with Public Relations Associations, Universities, Public Sector Institutions, Industrial Associations, NGO’s, Private and public companies, Not for Profit Associations, and other forms belonging to the Mediterranean Area and useful to CeRRpMed’s aims.

CeRRpMed ha also the aim of creating a network among public relators, professors in public relations and communication, researches, journalists who belong to the Mediterranean Countries.

CeRRpMed plans, organizes and carries out research projects regarding public relations and crosswise subjects. The aim is also to edit and publish on internet books and articles regarding the researches carried out.



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