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Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage
Strategy for the development of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage: priorities from Mediterranean countries (2007-2013)
The strategy paper is the outcome of a consultation process which was carried out on the basis of the experience gained during the previous phases of the Euromed heritage programme and with the participation of all 10 Mediterranean partner countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey). For the first time, partner countries had the opportunity to articulate their priorities concerning cultural heritage in the special sectors of education and public awareness-raising, economic and social impact, legislation and institutional framework. Participants representing the Ministries of Culture, Education and Budget, universities, as well as non-governmental organisations, foundations and organisations of civil society, were brought together, in four different countries, to initiate this innovative consultation process. The directors-general of the Ministries of Culture then met in Rome to nalise the strategy paper, which was endorsed in Istanbul on 28 October 2006 during the Cultural heritage: a shared responsibility for the Mediterranean’ forum. The ‘Strategy for the development of Euro-Mediterranean cultural heritage: priorities from Mediterranean countries (2007–2013)’ is destined to be a reference for future regional, bilateral or cross-border cultural cooperation in the Mediterranean area.










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