research project
PR in the Mediterranean area
CerpMed promote a new reserch project about “Public Relations in the Mediterranean area"
CE.R.RP.MED (Study and Research Centre on Public Relations in the Mediterranean Area) is a not for profit association based in Italy. ok Its main aim is to analyse the state and use of public relations in the Mediterranean area, in order to: - monitor and study the development of the profession in this vast zone - examine professional opportunities and how to further their application At the present stage CE.R.RP.MED proposes a research of an exploratory nature with the title “Public Relations in the Mediterranean area” addressed to the following target audiences belonging to the different Med countries: - Universities and professors who teach communication and /or public relations - PR bodies and PR professionals - Industrial organizations and entrepreneurs - Public Institutions In order to carry out the research we have prepared an on line questionnaire for each target. this is the links to the questionnaires prepared for universities/university professors and PR bodies/PR practitioners: and The data emerging from the research will be given during MedCom, the first Inter-Mediterranean Symposium on Public Relations, which will take place between the end of November and the beginning of December 2009 in Catania (Sicily - Italy). We also enclose a more detailed presentation of the research project which you can address to Euprera‟s members through its website ( to answer to any questions regarding the project or the questionnaire through our e-mail 11










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