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Euro-Mediterranean PR

Characteristic of the Euro Mediterranean context is that it is living a very dynamic process of growth which will, inevitably, impact on social and organizational everyday life if not supported by proper communication strategies. This process is reinforced by the deadline foreseen in 2010. This date is one of the reasons why CeRRpMed considers important to focus on reinforcing public relations under both the professional and academic point of view, aware that this is a changing and dynamic area which needs the knowledge of professionals and the support of academic research.

A new region which we define dynamic, thanks to its incredible historical and political evolution of these last decades. A complex reality, sometimes difficult to interpret and to analyze as a whole according to the global perspective.

It would be interesting to verify if the are common areas of the region which use public relations in a specific field or with a specific and strategic view. Which means creating, for example, defined pr specialized areas. So, continuing with hypothesis, it could be possible to obtain two situations regarding public relations practice: on the one side a general Euro Mediterranean pr practice, homogeneous for all the region, and at the same time specialized Euro Mediterranean areas on pr subjects. This must be considered as an advantage for the pr profession which would live a new and dynamic professional opportunity.

It would also be necessary to train practitioners adequately in order to face in the best and professionally competent way the new challenge. This could be the effect of globalization in pr field.



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