research project
research project

At the present stage CE.R.RP.MED proposes a research of an exploratory nature with the title “Public Relations in the Mediterranean area” addressed to the following target audiences belonging to the different Med countries:

• Universities and professors who teach communication and /or public relations
• PR bodies and PR professionals
• Industrial organizations and entrepreneurs
• Public Institutions

In order to carry out the research we have prepared an on line questionnaire for each target. We would be grateful if you could send to Euprera members the following two links to the questionnaires prepared for universities/university professors and PR bodies/PR practitioners:

The marvellous world of the Mediterranean is a vast area composed of countries totally diverse from one another in culture, historical origin, economic situation, politics, and so on. Such diversity gives a special identity to each country or state belonging to the Mediterranean area, by which last we mean the territory and therefore the countries bathed by the waters of the Mare Nostrum (term used by ancient Romans). The result is an intricate and mysterious mixture of sensibilities, nuances, mentality and spirituality which makes whoever belongs to that area a unique and an unrepeatable human being. Together these different identities can constitute a new and matchless Mediterranean identity waiting to be discovered and appreciated from the social as well as the economic viewpoint.

With regard to the public relations sector, the question arises of whether it is possible to assume the existence of this profession which may have shades and touches or specialized areas typically expected for the Mediterranean (and not yet hypothetically identified). In other words, is it possible to reason in terms of Mediterranean Public Relations? Or, is it possible to reason in terms of Euro-Mediterranean Public Relations?

Up to only a few years ago it wasn’t possible to speak of European Public Relations, but only of an American importation of Public Relations. Today, however, European PR is a given fact. And its particular character lies in the individuality existing in the profession itself or in its approach based on the characteristics of the country where applied. Therefore, just as at one time the concept of a European PR was not thought possible without the support of an American fount of experience, can we not reason on the same terms about the Mediterranean concept, and think of identifying eventually a PR profession( and application) linked to the Mediterranean area?

1. The aim of the research project “Public Relations in the Mediterranean area” is to photograph the state of the art of public relations’ profession in the vast territory of the Mediterranean.

More precisely we intend to identify:

• The way in which the communication function is perceived, utilised and inserted into the logic of the corporate strategy process carried out by firms present in the territory of each Mediterranean country.

• The activation of degree courses in Public Relations, as well as single subjects present in educational courses offered by the universities of the Mediterranean countries.

• To account the presence of teachers and professors, structured or otherwise, in the academic world.

• The opinion of the professionals in Public Relations and Corporate Communication in order to find out the real state of application of the profession in the territory.

• The level of utilisation or the presence of the Public Relations function in the entrepreneurial or private context.

Advantage: to know the strengths and the weaknesses of the Public Relations profession in the Mediterranean area.

2. We intend to outline a Mediterranean identity as (or considered) the common characteristic (while still preserving the typical diversities and peculiarities) on which to base a “Mediterranean pr flavour” marked by “Mediterranean local pr flavours”. Specifically:

• To identify those professional elements in Public Relations common to all the different countries in the Mediterranean

• To identify those professional variations typically linked to the territory.

Advantage: In this way there would be on one hand a profession connecting to the specific territorial context (with all the cultural effort entailed) and on the other (which is even more important) expect Public Relations specialist areas connected to the cultural characteristics rather than the territorial or other.

3. In a second phase, to confront as realistically as possible an extremely delicate analysis in order to understand and let emerge public relations characteristic peculiar to each region of the Mediterranean, as well as identify those similarities also linked to origin and the historical-evolutionary context.

• To define the true Mediterranean identity with the aim of strengthening ties, building partnerships between the countries themselves of the Mediterranean, to create that sense of acceptance and respect among nations based on pride in knowing ourselves and each other to live in a manner of productive synergy. Where diversity among people, cultures, origins, religion, different political schemes, values and principles in life are so different that must be considered the absolute first point of strength and advantage.

Advantage: to conceive the profession of public relations as tied to the development and growth of the Mediterranean area as a future economic power.

Conclusive advantage: A Mediterranean profession of Public Relations would be created from which the Mediterranean itself would gain benefit without having to resort (as it often does) to North European or American consultants.


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